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PS Furniture has partnered with Amulet Ballistic Barriers to create the Revolution Shield, a flip-top table that transforms into a handgun-rated shield in seconds. The product is designed to offer an immediate defensive shield in active shooter situations. PS Furniture’s Revolution Shield™ flip-top tables combine Amulet® ballistic barriers to both the table and modesty panel, allowing this unique table to instantly transform into a defensive shield with the push of a button. Our ultra-lightweight table technology also makes Revolution Shield™ easy to move and relocate, which is critical during an Active Shooter event. In fact, Revolution™ tables are two-thirds lighter than high-pressure, laminate particle board tables of the same thickness. When combined with Amulet’s ballistic barriers, our 5’ long x 24” wide Revolution Shield™ tables are 20 pounds lighter than laminated particleboard tables of the same size.


Revolution Shield™ flip-top tables are designed to stop bullets fired from a handgun, from 0.22 caliber to 0.44 magnum. Amulet 1 and 2 Ballistic Barriers deliver NIJ IIIA and UL752 handgun protection, with multi-hit, non-ricochet capability. Each table comes with two cutout modesty panel options, adding extended length when the table is flipped open. This allows the panel to fit snugly over the table’s metallic leg base, providing a full-coverage, protective wall.

PS Furniture Revolution Shield™ Flip-Top Tables with Amulet® Ballistic Barriers-

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