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The break room is the heart of any organization. If you want to keep your employees happy and relaxed, you'll want to ensure that the break room allows them to unwind. The office chairs they sit on are an integral part of this relaxation and unwinding. This wood stack chair and its inventive design is endlessly functional. Made of bentwood, it is lightweight and completely conforms to the user's back, ensuring maximum comfort levels. This chair also boasts a heavy gauge steel base with a footrest, keeping the chair sturdy and stable while simultaneously allowing users to place their feet as they wish. Its wooden appearance gives it a classy edge over other wood stack chairs, yet this chair remains light enough to comfortably move around. These office chairs are also easily stackable atop each other, up to four chairs high. This piece of office furniture is the perfect way to spruce up your break room.

Office Source Bleecker Street Cafe Chair

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