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Mobile Fixed Bench Units from National Public Seating are the perfect solution when more seating per table is needed.  Built on a solid 14-gauge steel frame with tamper-free hardware, tabletops & benches are protected with a high-pressure laminate top and a phenolic backer sheet making them power washable.  Our exclusive curved frame design, low to the ground 11-gauge end tube adds safety by eliminating trip points on entry/exit.  Storage latch release handles are easily accessible from both sides of the table without having to reach in.  The storage latch automatically locks when folded for safety.  Tables operate smoothly and safely thanks to the NPS EasyLift torsion bar system.  The self-leveling automatic down lock engages at a partially opened position for safe, easy cleaning and again at the fully opened position.  Our caster lift-off safety feature prevents the tables from rolling while in use.  Available in a variety of shapes, wood cores, color finishes, edge protections, and frames.

National Public Seating Mobile Table

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