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Designed by Shawn Barrett, Intellect Wave classroom desks provide exceptional comfort and permit a certain degree of movement that results in improved alertness and learning retention. Intellect Wave classroom desks include several styles - cantilevered, 4-leg, tripod, two-student, chair/desk combo, and double entry. Standard desktops are 26" x 19", while ADA desktops are 33" x 20". Desktops provide a variety of storage options, including a plastic book box, wire book basket, and book bag hook. The chair/desk combo and double entry desk offer a wide, passive flexing back and waterfall seat form to lessen pressure points and increase comfort. An integral handle enables easy movement. The ribless design of the seat shells is easy to clean. Engineered to withstand tough classroom use, Intellect Wave desks exceed industry standards for durability. 

KI Intellect Wave Student Desk

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