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Designed for work. Redefines leisure. 


  • Revolutionary Back Support: HINOMI X1 high-back office chair is built for optimal comfort and spinal health. Crafted with a four-panel backrest, it's engineered for gaming chairs, office chairs, and desk chairs. Our support ensures reduced strain and unmatched comfort. Say goodbye to discomfort and elevate your well-being. 
  • Unique 4-panel design: Our back support's unique four-panel design delivers comprehensive upper and lower back support, promoting an upright posture for enhanced spinal health. The strategically spaced panels provide effective pressure relief, making it perfect for prolonged use. Elevate your seating experience with our innovative design.
  • Wide headrest & Retractable Leg rest: The HINOMI X1 ergonomic office chair headrest is substantially larger than any other found in the market. Premium headrest features of this desk chair provide 3D adjustability with a considerably wider overall angle of adjustment. Thus, leg rest sits just under the seat and allows a quick nap in between office work or gaming, bringing ultimate comfort.
  • 4-level Adjustable Backrest Height: The HINOMI X1 ergonomic office chair boasts a 4-level adjustable backrest height with a fully breathable mesh design and customizable lumbar support tension bring tailored comfort and unique TPU material also strikes a perfect balance between gentle support and durability to help prevent and alleviate back pain. Our high back office chair features a four-position adjustment, allowing for 6cm (2.36") of up and down movement, catering to individuals of varying heights. When set to the highest position, it automatically returns to the lowest level.
  • Built to Impress: This ergonomic office chair built with a sturdy aluminum frame and chair base exudes a premium feel while ensuring stability. The class 4 certified gas lift stands as a testament to our commitment to quality. The ideal office chair for big people, tall and heavy body weight individuals up to 330lbs. Warranty up to 12 years.

Hinomi X1 Ergonomic Office Chair

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